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  • What is coaching?

Coaching is a guided conversation that allows you to work something out.  By asking you the right questions, you’ll be able to determine the next steps that are right for you and your colleagues so your workABLE solution is bespoke to you and your circumstances.

  • What is a faraday cage?

Primarily used by the military, a faraday cage creates a communication black out to allow strategy to be considered and planned without interference. At the workABLE we recognise the plethora of communication channels available to us shape the world we live in but we also recognise the value of stopping to take stock.  Coaching sessions with the workABLE offer you protected time, without interruption, to work out how to overcome challenges and improve performance by considering things from different perspectives.

  • I’ve got an employee with mental health issues, can the workABLE help?

Yes, we can.  Living with poor mental health can be exhausting.  We all need to practise self care. As a manager you need to do that for yourself as well as your team. Do you worry about what to say or how to say it? Are you concerned about how to support the rest of your team? We can support you and/or your colleague(s) to work out what is workABLE for the specific circumstances whether they’re temporary, intermittent or permanent.

  • I’ve got an employee with a recognised disability, can the workABLE help?

Yes, we can. Trying to determine reasonable adjustments isn’t always easy, at the workABLE we can help you and your colleagues explore how to play to individual and team strengths by understanding specific needs.

  • What are “reasonable adjustments”?
A reasonable adjustment is anything which the employer can reasonably do to assist the employee in alleviating the effects of his or her disability. It may be that one simple measure is enough or a combination of measures may be required. The requirements might be quite fluid and change over time depending on the progression of the employee’s condition. There are no hard and fast rules. It is just whatever can be done to remove the hindrance from the person with an impairment and enable them to do their job and remain in work. Definition courtesy of Didlaw’s What are reasonable adjustments?


  • What is flexible working?

Flexible working is not about working less but having greater control to get work done more effectively. It recognises that people across all demographics may not be able to commit to the rigid 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Flexible working simply refers to any working schedule that is outside of a normal working pattern. This means that the working hours, instead of being repetitive and fixed, can involve changes and variations. It can mean the employee has variables such as when they are required to work or even their place of work. Definition courtesy of Flexi Workforce

  • Where do the coaching sessions take place?

the workABLE is based in Haywards Heath, Mid-Sussex, but can work with organisations wherever they are based. Sessions are available in your workplace, other mutually convenient locations (restrictions permitting), online or by phone. Please note site visits beyond a 45-minute radius may be charged travel expenses.