Rocky Datoo

Rocky Datoo, BA (hons) in Language Communication, MA in Human Resource Management, founder and director of the workABLE

Rocky has over 15 years working in professional, organisational and learning development. She is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) as well as an ILM level-7 qualified coach and mentor with a broad range of experience across different organisation types and sizes.  She has a particular talent for playing devil’s advocate which helps clients clearly define what they want and understand what is really in their way. The results can be surprising as clients often discover neither were what they believed them to be at the start.

Rocky is committed to supporting organisations understand how an employee’s unique offer in terms of skills, experience and personal motivation can be aligned with an organisation’s needs and wants.  She firmly believes in the value of a diverse workforce and aims to support those who want, or need, to work differently to “the norm” to be able to do so in a way that’s workABLE for the organisation too.  She does this by working directly with organisations, managers and employees.  She also works with Passe-Partout Consulting, specifically on the Personal Best programme for those without line management responsibilities and with NHS England managers to effect the desired cultural change to bring merged organisations together.

Rocky is continually fascinated to learn about all the different roles people have and how they weave together to make organisations, sectors and ultimately whole economies.

If you’re interested in her full career history please take a look at her LinkedIn profile.