RAW – heartfelt, heart health


20 years and 20 weeks ago my father died of a heart attack. He had just turned 53.

After a family reunion in January, where his absence was particularly apparent, I decided to “do something” in his memory, I just wasn’t sure what. Then serendipity came into play and an opportunity arose to launch my RAW (resilience and wellbeing) workshops to those dedicated to curing heart disease.

The core ethos of the workABLE is giving people the skills and confidence to flex to life’s challenges, by focusing on what can be done, not the obstacles in the way. I’d been talking about offering RAW workshops for months as a logical extension to my coaching offer; I just hadn’t got around to it.

Reading a LinkedIn post changed that and this month, with Kate Anderson Yoga, I ran my first Introduction to RAW workshop at the British Heart Foundation head office. Delegate feedback was great and sharing my RAW knowledge with people, like my dad (a senior manager in the NHS) so dedicated to their work felt significant. The link to improved cardiovascular health was the cherry on the low sugar, high fibre cake!

So with a lot of heart, 9-months’ gestation and a little serendipity, RAW was born. RAW is a mix of theory, group work and opportunities to identify practical solutions all integrated with the yoga principles of connecting body and mind wherever you are – even in the office!

We can offer a 2-hour introduction to RAW, a one-day RAW workshop or any other format that suits your needs. If you have questions or are interested in our RAW workshops, you can contact me directly via LinkedIn, email (rocky@theworkABLE.com) or call for a chat: 07716 61 78 52. If it’s something you might consider in the future or want to learn more about, sign up to our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dENirz

In the meantime I just wanted to thank the following for their support:

Jason Rassell, Mike Shreeve, Charlotte Harris, Nick AllsoppAnthony GrahamHeather Duckett, Christine Morgan, Emily McCunn, Ali Golds, Deborah Emery, Steve Clark, Colin Silverman, Carol Bates, Roger Newman, Engin Mustafa

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