Organisations and HR professionals

  • Do you want to minimise the disruption to service delivery by better supporting people preparing for and returning from parental or other extended leave?
  • Do you want a better return on investment for your employee well-being budget?
  • Would your flexible working and/or valuing diversity policies benefit from independent review?
  • Do you think money spent on out placement could provide a better return for your business if you could work out how to make things work without letting people go?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the workABLE can help.

At the workABLE we understand how important it is for employers to be fair and to care for their employees to maximise performance and protect themselves.  We live in an ever faster, more flexible and technology-led world, with mobile populations and fewer local community support networks.  People with disabilities want to be able to access the workplace, and government initiatives are supporting this.  The role of the employer in promoting the wellbeing of its workforce has never been more significant.

At the workABLE we support individuals to adapt so they can continue to be valued members of their team and we enable managers to work out what’s workABLE for their specific teams. We provide the support they need.  Investing in the manager at these times reduces their stress levels and gives them the space to consider the implications across their teams.  They are able to keep other team members in focus and support them when they may feel that others’ needs are being prioritised at their expense. No matter how much empathy they may feel for a colleague who needs additional support, the discontent at perceived unfairness or additional workload can have a widespread and costly impact as “good” employees become disillusioned and either engage less or look to move on.  Either way, the organisation loses.

Of course, HR professionals and senior managers can provide these services in-house, but few organisations are resourced to accommodate the surge of support that may suddenly be required.  Additionally employees and managers often feel more comfortable opening up to an external, neutral expert than a colleague when discussing options linked to health, particularly mental health, disability or care responsibilities.

As well as this 1-2-1 focus, the workABLE can review and develop policies to support your organisation to learn from experience and evolve its practice for the future.

We also work in association with Passe-Partout Consulting so are able to offer Personal Best – a fantastic programme for up to 25 members of staff to embark on a journey to their personal best over 4 half-day workshops.  The programme also includes a day’s training for internal coaches and senior manager facilitators.  This gives them the tools to engage with and support the process to achieving lasting change so they continue to reap the benefits of increased employee engagement.

Get in touch today to find out how the workABLE can help.