About us

the workABLE, founded by Rocky Datoo in 2016, is based in Haywards Heath, Mid Sussex, although operates throughout the UK.

At the workABLE we understand that there are all kinds of ‘normal’ and we have a passion for supporting people to make their lives workABLE.

No matter how empathetic or sympathetic we may feel the added pressure of a sudden change in circumstances or fluctuating condition can create feelings of resentment and stress within a team. If not managed properly, this can result in a loss of employee engagement, increased stress levels, increased sickness absence, lower productivity and valued members of staff leaving which all impact negatively on your organisation’s bottom line.

“Flexible working” and “reasonable adjustments” are well known terms in the modern workplace, but working out what they mean in practical terms can be overwhelming. At the workABLE we offer a supportive, yet challenging service focusing on workABLE results.